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Guest blogging and guest posting opportunities are welcomed at

At present, we facilitate connections among diverse individuals in the SAAS industry, catering to both SAAS Buyers and Vendors.

Our team is dedicatedly working around the clock with the aim of achieving 100,000 monthly visitors by December 2023.

We anticipate your support in contributing to our growth by sharing your valuable SAAS experiences with our readers.

Benefits of Collaborating with Us

Writers can enjoy numerous advantages when collaborating with us and having their content featured. Take a look at the following points to understand the perks of contributing to our platform:

1.Author Recognition: Receive full credit for your blog posts published on the SaaS Adviser’s website.

2. Writer Introduction: Each published blog includes an introductory section about the writer, introducing you to our audience and potentially gaining you new followers.

3. Audience Engagement: Unique content has the potential to capture the interest of our readers, boosting your popularity and expanding your fan base.

4. Vast Exposure: With SaaS Adviser boasting 150,000 monthly views, seize the opportunity to showcase your writing skills and gain exposure in a substantial online community.

5. Feedback & Improvement: Writers have the chance to receive valuable feedback, enabling them to enhance their writing skills and continually improve.

Guest posting guidelines

  • Ensure post quality and maintain the blog’s reputation.
  • Submit original content that hasn’t been previously published or plagiarized.
  • Avoid reposting articles on other platforms.
  • Emphasize high-quality, unique content.
  • Refuse poor-quality submissions to uphold a global readership.
  • Write for substance, not just SEO or brand promotion.
  • Limit author bios to 2-3 sentences.
  • Exclude broken links and spam.
  • Focus on trending topics as per our criteria.
  • Provide plagiarism-free, well-organized, error-free content.
  • Maintain correct spelling and uniqueness.
  • Our niche: Software, Technology, CRM, Gadgets, SaaS, AI-IoT, eCommerce, etc.
  • Word count: 1200+
  • Allow 1 do-follow link.
  • Permit up to 2 source images (1200*500 pixels max).
  • Ensure the guest post/link remains permanent.
  • The management & editorial team reserves the right to edit content per guidelines.
  • For more that one do-follow link we charge $3 for each link.

Feel free to contact us at

Guest Post Distribution

Creating content becomes meaningful when it reaches a substantial audience. We strongly believe in the broad dissemination of informative and valuable content. Therefore, we seek guest writers who are enthusiastic about promoting their work.

Once your article is published, we’ll actively share it across our social media platforms and incorporate it into digests. To maximize the reach of your piece, consider the following promotional ideas:

  • Share it on your personal social media pages to leverage your existing network.
  • Extend the reach by sharing it on your brand’s social media pages.
  • Feature the article in your newsletter to engage with your subscribers.
  • Link to the article in subsequent pieces you write to create a network of interconnected content.
  • Share the article within communities of fellow experts to tap into their networks.

By implementing these strategies, you can boost traffic and engagement for your article, ensuring it reaches a wider audience.

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Reach out to us from the chat support which is 24/7 over our website. You can also mail us your pitches at

We allow content syndication only related to SAAS news. It is published on our SAAS News journal and not our our blog. 

Our niche: Software, Technology, CRM, Gadgets, SaaS, AI-IoT, eCommerce, etc.

We never allow any random content to be published on our blog just for the sake of giving some do-follow backlinks.

We would Give at most 1 do-follow backlinks to your landing pages if 

  1. Your content is really valuable for our readers. 
  2. Minimum word length is 1500 words.
  3. Pass Copyscape with no plag.
  4. This unique article was not published earlier on our blog.

if you can match these guidelines then pitch us your content ideas.